Definsil Plus Crème


Chronic low grade micro-inflammation can cause visible consequences on the skin such as a deterioration of DNA and proteins. Inflammation affects normal skin barrier function and can result in accelerated aging (inflamm-ageing). Definsil-Plus Anti-inflamm-ageing Creme contains several active components that target chronic itchy, red or problematic skin resulting from allergic responses, abrasion or environmental sensitivity. Irritated skin receives significant anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits which help to protect and maintain epidermal stem cell capacity. Ultra Sensitive Eye Crème A pH balanced, color-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free eye creme formulated for those who are highly sensitive, or for use post-peel or post-operative. Alleviates the appearance of dark circles and fine lines and hydrates the delicate eye area with a blend of vitamin-rich oils. Contains: Hyaluronic acid vegan form; high concentration of this potent moisture binder offers an excellent environment  for growth of new cells and promotes skin’s abililty to repair itself, particularly following laser, peels, surgery or  microdermabrasion treatments.

Arnica and Vitamin K to reduce appearance of dark circles GABA, a natural topical muscle relaxer to reduce appearance of fine lines in eye area

Gluconolactone, to improve texture and appearance of visibly irritated skin

  • 1.7 Oz. / 50 ml

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